Our Fee‘s

We offer different packages and services tailored to our client’s needs.

Individual Initial Consultation

500 ZMW

45-60 mins

  • Welcome and introduction to therapy

  • Client therapist matching

  • Client therapist agreement

  • Therapy needs/goal setting

  • Treatment plan

Individual Follow up Session(s)

350 ZMW / Session

45-60 mins

  • In depth problem exploration/assessment
  • Therapy provision

  • Continued support

  • Work between sessions

  • Progress evaluation

Couples Initial Consultation

750 ZMW

45-60 mins

  • Get to know couples therapist

  • Paper work (Client therapist agreement)
  • Introducing each partner
  • Relationship history
  • Reason for seeking therapy
  • Relationship goals setting
  • Ground rules regarding sessions
  • Treatment plan

Couples Follow up Session(s)

500 ZMW

45-60 mins

  • Working with couples therapist to explore problems and root causes
  • Continued support and Solution building for new or ongoing problems (new skills and work outside of sessions)
  • Possibility of both individual and couples sessions
  • Progress evaluation

Group Therapy Session(s)

2,500 ZMW

6-15 people

  • Introduction of group participants, therapist and ice breaker activity
  • Group therapy goal setting and ground rules (i.e. confidentiality, safe space)
  • Discussion format for sessions with therapist facilitating sessions
  • Participants share stories and coping strategies for common concerns
  • Participants support each other
  • Therapist provides psycho-education

Family Counselling Session(s)

1,500 ZMW

3-5 people

  • Welcome and introductions: family therapist and getting to know the family members
  • Exploring family roles
  • Perspective taking of the problem(s)
  • Identifying conflict patterns and ability to solve problems

  • Goal setting and ground rules for sessions
  • Therapist may interview subunits of family i.e. parents
  • Family therapist teaches strategies for managing problems, conflict resolution and communication