PsycHealth is an indigenous Zambian institution that provides psychological services for health and wellbeing using internationally agreed norms, ethics and standards.



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PsycHealth Zambia – Better. Together.

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Bipolar Disorder
Manic states/episodes are mood states characterised by extremely “up”, elated and energised behaviour.
Depressive States/episodes are characterised by very sad, “down” or ... See more

1 week ago

Happy International Women’s Day!!!

1 week ago

We have a new website. Visit us at and find out more about our services and programs.

2 weeks ago

Please join us in congratulating our Clinical Services Director and acting MD Kayumba Chiwele Tambatamba on her well earned MSc in Neuropsychology. We are so very happy to share in the excitement of ... See more

2 weeks ago

It’s a normal part of life to experience occasional anxiety.

Anxiety is part of the body’s natural reaction to stress, so it can be helpful at times, making you more alert and ready for action. ... See more

2 weeks ago

Depression and Anxiety

What’s the link?

Depression and anxiety can occur at the same time. In fact, it’s been estimated that 45 percent of people with one mental health condition meet the ... See more

3 weeks ago

We have a feature article in today’s Newsdiggers paper!!! The article highlights the importance of seeking help for mental disorders and the need to raise awareness throughout the country in order ... See more

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PsycHealth Zambia is a counselling facility offering professional psychological services to individuals, couples, groups and families in Zambia.

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