Our Background

We are a private mental health service provider that provides psychological services, capacity building, and research for mental health. Founded in 2014, our team started with a staff complement of two (2), and has expanded to include 16 members of staff with expertise in psychology, medical sociology, health economics, public health, business management, and law.

We provide proactive mental health care to individuals, couples, groups and organisations as well as multiple access points ensuring you are
aware of the services on offer. Our services are critical in ensuring happy, healthy and motivated individuals.

Mental Health is our Priority

While life is many things, it is mostly about balance. Balancing your home, work and Relationships.”

At PsycHealth, we help you find that balance.

Our Vision

is a Zambia where its people attain the highest standard of mental health and wellbeing, and enjoy better quality of life.

Our Goal

is to create mental health awareness and provide effective therapy to individuals and communities in Zambia.

Our Mission

is to provide mental health services that are accessible, affordable, available, and of high quality according to local and international standards.

Our Pillars

  • Our core business is providing psychotherapy using cognitive behavioural approaches.

  • We offer employee wellness programs for corporate clients as well as training in the workplace to build capacity, improve skills and productivity.

  • We conduct new and innovative research relevant to understanding the burden of mental illness and implementation science research to build an evidence base for real change.

  • We support marginaliszed and vulnerable communities through our community programs and offer free mental health services to those most in need while raising awareness on the importance of mental health.