PsycHealth Zambia Ltd is a counselling facility offering psychotherapy and professional therapeutic counselling to individuals, couples, groups and families in Zambia. Our institution prides itself in confidentiality and professionalism of an international standard. Our philosophy is reflected in our efforts to combine a rigorous, up-to-date scientific perspective with a humanistic, compassionate response to the struggles, disappointments and life challenges that all of us face. Our approach enables us to provide therapy and consultation for current problems in a manner that fosters future wellness and adaptation.

Our Therapists bring a wide range of professional training and practical experience to the institution. The professional staff at PsycHealth Zambia are committed to providing the most personalized, integrative, and skilled mental health services available. Our decision to locate our services in Lusaka was influenced by independent market research showing that demographics of the population in central Lusaka are much like those of other metropolitan cities on the continent, where mental healthcare has enjoyed rapid growth. Although our current services range from basic counselling to psychotherapy, we seek to evolve into a wellness centre that will offer both inpatient and outpatient services including psychiatry and rehabilitation.


Our vision is to be the largest private mental health institution providing confidential and holistic mental health services in Zambia


To provide mental health services that are accessible, available, affordable, acceptable and of excellent quality in Zambia.

Our Practice

We use Values-Based Practice (VBP), which is a clinical skills-based approach for working with complex and conflicting values in healthcare. It is a twin framework to Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). The basis for balanced decision-making in VBP is the premise of mutual respect for differences in values.

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