Providing Counselling Skills to Lifeline/Childline Zambia Staff

Lifeline/Childline is a local non-governmental and non-profit organisation founded in 2003. It has become a key provider in telephone counselling, reaching all of Zambia’s 10 provinces. Lifeline/Childline offers psycho-social counselling services through two helplines: Lifeline 933 and Childline116. The impacts of these services cannot be overstated, seeing as mental health is a developing field in this country where mental illness still faces stigma and discrimination

Training in session

The training was conducted over a 10-week period for existing and voluntary Lifeline/Childline Zambia Staff. PsycHealth Zambia built a bespoke programme targeting the specific concerns and challenges that Lifeline/Childline was facing and with the goal of improving their skills and capability.

Key topics covered included Family planning and male circumcision, Substance/Alcohol Abuse, HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, Self-Care and Stress Management. PsycHealth Zambia also provided a post training mentorship programme to offer continued support to the team and ensure counsellors are able to provide the best service for those in need.

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