Tilitonse: Kamwala Remand Juveniles Prison Visit


The PsycHealth Zambia recently partnered with UP Zambia – Undikumbikire Project. The Undikumbikire Project Zambia is a human rights organisation that is focused on helping imprisoned juveniles to obtain legal representation and social support. Their goal is also to advocate for a more restorative justice system.

Incarcerated juveniles need more than legal help and whilst the legal teams work to assist the juveniles gain freedom, we understand that it is important for the juveniles to be provided with support in dealing with any mental health problems. We seek to efficiently serve the needs of these youths and to prevent recidivism.

PsycHealth Zambia recognises the need for mental health assessments to ensure the wellbeing of the juveniles whilst in prison and out of prison. PsycHealth Zambia was pleased to be part of UP Zambia’s Saturday visit to Kamwala Remand prison and were able to identify key areas and aspects of the juvenile’s mental well-being that needed attention. We shared techniques that the juveniles can adopt to better cope and deal with the challenges they face in and out of prison.

Our desire is to continue to work with the juveniles and provide support as they reintegrate into society.

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