Free Psychosocial Counseling for Survivors of Gender Based Violence in Zambia

On Saturday 26 August, 2017PsycHealth Zambia in partnership with Boys Empowerment, IdeaGender, and other non-profit organisations will be providing free mobile psychotherapy for survivors of gender-based violence in Misisi Compound. This drive is in line with PsycHealth Zambia’s mission to make mental health accessible, available, affordable and acceptable in Zambia.

Gender-based violence continues to undermine human dignity and has far-reaching psychological, emotional and physical consequences on individuals affected. Unfortunately, many Zambians have no access to psychologists to help them with healing and recovery.

If you wish to volunteer your services during this drive, or wish to partner with us kindly get in touch on the following details:

PsycHealth Zambia
11 Buchi Road
Northmead, Lusaka
Tel: +260 955 264975
Facebook: @PsycHealth Zambia

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