Depression Screening in Msisi

Psychealth Zambia in Partnership with StrongMinds Zambia was able to raise awareness and provide mental health services to the community members of Msisi Compound. We began by first conducting focus group discussions with adolescents, women, men, church and community leaders of Misisi Compound on Depression in order to determine the knowledge levels and attitudes of the community members on depression and mental health as a whole. We were then able to recruit and train mobilisers from the community to conduct depression screenings for the residents of Msisi compound.

StrongMinds is a social enterprise founded in early 2013 that provides life-changing mental health services to impoverished African women. StrongMinds seeks to resolve depression in vulnerable women and create lasting skills and support networks to prevent its return. StrongMinds is guided by an ambitious and unique goal of treating two million depressed African women by 2025 – enabling these women and their families to lead more healthy, productive and satisfying lives. By adapting a proven therapeutic model, StrongMinds is the only organization scaling a cost-effective and community-based group therapy solution to the depression epidemic in Africa. PsycHealth Zambia was able to screen over 1500 Msisi residents for depression, the majority of whom were female. Those determined to have depression were handed over to StrongMinds Zambia for further pre-grouping screening. They were then assigned to different groups and went through 12 week group therapy treatment led by StrongMinds mental health facilitators. The first cycle of sessions were a success and the majority of those who were treated are depression free.

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