Our Corporate packages are tailoured to your organisation’s specific needs and aspirations.


Mental ill health is one of the most common causes of workplace sickness absence, costing employers dearly in terms of reduced productivity, poor service and recruitment costs. Recharge! mitigates the impact of poor mental health at work and helps the organisation maximize on staff productivity. Find out more about our Recharge! programme.


We offer a range of training programmes tailored for the corporate space. Some of the thematic training we offer includes sexual harassment in the workplace, managing conflict, difficult conversations, negotiating for results, and maintaining a work-life balance.

Team Building

Motivate and engage your employees with our team building solutions. With PsycHealth’s effective team building activities as part of your overall human capital strategy, you can enhance your company culture and boost your bottom line.

Crisis Management

A crisis disrupts business operations, threatens to harm people, damages your reputation, and negatively impacts your finances. Research says that a company is most likely to face a crisis every 2 years. Whether it’s an attack on the company by a competitor, or careless conduct of a key member that puts the company in disrepute, we will gladly assist you to manage the crisis in a confidential and professional way. We are your Olivia Pope.

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